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Don't you know through history I'm the girl that goes first,
So I'll make this quick, for my sisters' next and they need to have their stories heard.
But no one knows how thirsty you are trying to sell,
So start calling in sick, get your cracked screen fixed, lest you trip on your selfie stick.
Cause I know the type we're looking for, I know them very well.
Just look for Ladies-Quotes-A-Lot, then leave them by themselves.
Cause the time has come to put it down and pick it up again:
Let's start calling in sick, get our cracked screens fixed, gonna take right left to it ever so quick!

Desperdicias tu juicio con extravagancias,
Pero todo es resultado de las circunstancias.
Si te quejas de tu imagen demasiado,
Es ridiculo creer que todo está garantizado.
Realeza, grandeza por una eternidad.
Pobreza, tristeza por la celebridad.
Piensa, actúa, enfrenta la realidad:
¿Qué te hará cantar una canción sobre la libertad?

Send your selfies to the landlord, that's the way you make him score.
Isn't anything worth fighting for, or are you just another whore?
Sit there every day taking pictures of your junk,
But what you got to say about the minimum wage? Better earn that buck, better take it to the landlord.
Now it's time to check this party acting like a stuck up sorry
Spent though your secure deposit and the landlord's there to fix your faucet.
Life goes by in someone's room your paycheck only knows?
Let's take it to the landlord one last time cause you don't need the internet to know which way the
wind blows.

Freedom: sweet, sweet freedom.
It's a song about freedom: Sweet, sweet freedom.
Don't send it all asunder, it's the only thing left for you.
It's what you gotta think about before they take it from you.
Freedom: sweet, sweet freedom.

(You waste your time with silly luxuries,
But it is only a matter of how you came to be
Consumed by your own brand identity,
Convinced that everything in life is free.
Glory and greatness for an eternity,
Poverty and misery exchanged for celebrity.
Think, act, it's time to face reality:
What will it take to sing the song of liberty?)


from A Song About Freedom, released May 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Grapefruit Sound Lab Jersey City, New Jersey


Eight Days Across America:
An album made for the turntable.

"Eight Days Across America" is an album for playing through both before and after a night out, and is at once an album for staying home with friends during troubled times.

This album is made for vinyl.

Thank you for your support in helping us reach our goal!
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